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Re: routing protocols

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 06:46:16AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> * Nathan E Norman <nnorman@micromuse.com> [2001.10.10 17:08:15-0500]:
> > We're way off topic here.  Any decent networking with IP text will
> > answer these questions.
> again, sorry. i panicked. much more chilled this morning. thanks for
> your reply. please excuse the abuse of debian-user, it's your own
> bloody fault since you guys seriously are just knowledgeable. this is
> precisely why i would like to see debian-offtopic finally
> instituted...

Heh, that would be fun.

BTW, I've noticed some people think they're getting yelled at or
treated rudely when told (more or less) "RTFM" ... when i post
RTFM-like responses like the above I'm trying to be helpful, not rude
or condescending.  No offense should be inferred.

> [RIP]
> > More or less correct, yes.  Note that the idea of "distance" has
> > nothing to do with the speed or bandwidth of the link.
> but it could... and in HELLO, i think it does.

If it does, then it's no longer a distance vector protocol, and RIP is
definitely a distance vector protocol.

OTOH OSPF is a link-state protocol which does take bandwidth and speed
into account (in fact it takes the link type into account).  I forgot
to mention that OSPF was link-state.

Almost all routing protocols give you the ability to assign weights to
routes so that one is preferred over the other in the absence of more

Could you provide some more context about the HELLO protocol?  I seem
to remember an old routing protocol by that name, and really reaching
I'd say it's an OSI protocol, but this is all from what's probably
faulty memory banks.  OTOH I know spanning tree has HELLO BPDUs;
that's a message type and not a protocol per se.

Anyway, have fun.  Even though it's OT I don't mind taking about
protocols ... I'm in the camp that believes you should understand the
technology, and then figure out how to make it work (as opposed to
knowing all the Cisco IOS commands, but not understanding how the
routing really works).


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