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Large RAM causing problems?

I have an ongoing saga of difficulties with my
computer. Previously I've had trouble with X
crashing, which turning off sound in Gnome
seemed to fix until yesterday.

Now I've upgraded to Debian kernel 2.2.19, and
added some RAM to the machine (up to 384 MB now)
and hence deactivated the swap partition.

New weirdness has emerged as a result of the RAM

 - X windows now has unexplained pauses of up to
   one second whenever an application exits.
   Is this a garbage collection issue with large RAM?

 - The X mouse cursor sometimes 'strobes' like a
   bad 80's video clip of Nick Kershaw being an alien,
   particularly when placed between X co-ordinates
   750 and 790 pixels.

 - Some of my Gnome terminal sessions started from
   the xsession file start up tiny (25x11) instead
   of the specified size 80x25. It's random.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how to fix
these problems?

My inclination is to upgrade again to 2.4.x kernel
in the hope (fingers crossed) that it handles large
RAM better. I'm not sure how much disruption such
a kernel upgrade would entail. Can anyone tell me
briefly what programs I would need to change? If I
just download a compiled 2.4 kernel image, will
booting off it work with my existing /sbin binaries?
Or is it more involved than going from 2.2.18 to 2.2.19?

Hints, tips, pointers welcome. Ta. Particularly how
to change dselect to download new stuff. I don't mind
downloading non-stable packages in the hope they have
more recent bug-fixes, but how to do that?


> On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Loki wrote:
> > I'm using Debian kernel 2.2.18 and X11R6 as well
> > as FVWM 2.something - and X windows hangs quite
> > often, sometimes 2 or 3 times per day (ok, mostly
> > not at all, but sometimes a few times in a row).
> > The mouse cursor freezes, Ctrl-Alt-Del and
> > Ctrl-Alt-BkSp do nothing.
> > 
> > Question: Is this the fault of X, the kernel,
> > FVWM, my PS2 mouse, Netscape 4.76, or what?
> For me it was caused by sound events being turned on in gnome and
> sawfish. Bad sound card config or driver problems caused the WM to hang
> when closing windows. All is well after I turned off the sound events.
> ...RickM...

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