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Soundcard with OPTi82C933


I have an old ISA-soundcard with an OPTi 82C933-Chip on it, in a
system with a 2.4.X-kernel with pnp enabled and it finds the card as

  Card 1 'OPT0931:OPTi Audio 16' PnP version 1.0

but the device is not active. This is because /etc/init.d/isapnp does
not execute isapnp if /proc/isapnp is there. If I execute it by hand,
the devices gets active:

  Logical device 1 'OPT9310:OPTi Audio 16'
    Device is active
    Active port 0x534,0x380,0x220,0xe0c
    Active IRQ 5 [0x2]
    Active DMA 0,1

/etc/init.d/isapnp says: 'kernel 2.3.x and latter handle Pnp directly'
so how is it intended to work?

'modprobe mad16 io=0x534 irq=5 dma=0' does fail with 

 No ISAPnP cards found, trying standard ones
 invalid codec port 534

what has to be done to get this soundcard to work?


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