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Re: Takin' the plunge...

On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 07:53:10AM -0700, Royce Bell wrote:
>Debian Linux was recommended to me by a friend, but (this is embarrassing to
>admit, as I feel like a newbie all over again) quite frankly, I'm
>confusingly overwhelmed at the different products now available.  Debian,
>RedHat, etc.  Everybody says theirs is the best, but they cannot all be
>correct.  I don't particularly want to go back to the command line, but I do
>appreciate the minimalist approach of Unix, especially from a security

The best distro is the one where you can get help quickly.  If you are comfortable with mailing lists, Debian is brilliant.  If you like a good thick book, SuSE is hard to beat.  If you can get the sysadmin at work to help out, chances are Red Hat will be your choice.

In my case, I used a few distros, found that I was nowhere near the level of expertise where any distro would be a limitation and chose Debian because I like the idea of a volunteer community with its free software commitment and its constitution.  I hope you like it too.


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