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Re: nVidia kernel driver fails to initialize

> Yepp, same framerates as under Win. Btw.: tried Return To Castle
> Wolfenstein already? Sqeeze...
Is there a Wolf.. release for Linux too? This would be fun:)

Btw: I think the nvidia module or nvidia's glx make my system hang sometimes 
(pretty often actually:() Can't figure out what this about. I had the same 
problem with my old pc (Celeron 433 + Riva TNT @Debian (stable)) & I have it 
now too (Athlon 1G + GF2 GTS @Debian unstable).
I addition of all i cant compile K7 kernel because then the nvidia module 
cannot be loaded (unknown something...dont remember it really..I think the 
point was that it thought that K7 can't mmx.or something:). And yes, I did 
make clean & make.

So I have to use PII kernel:(

Toomas Vananurm,
Registered Linux User #89193

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