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Re: DHCP problems with cable modem

[Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 10:15:18AM -0400] David Priban :

> > > > a cable  modem, and the DHCP  server requires that I  send in my
> > > > hostname with my  request.  So far, I have  tried (and failed at
> > > > using)

> the  interface  is   configured  via  dhclient-script  according  info
> received from DHCP server

One other thing for guys  compiling their own kernel. Very important and
liable to be overlooked.

I am using unstable 'sid'  with kernel 2.4.10 and am using 'dhcp-client'
to query  and get my IP  address from the cable-head  server.  Please do
not  forget to  enable these  two options  among others  in  your kernel
configuration, ie.look in the file 'config-<kernel version>' inside /boot
and make sure that you see something like




If  not re-compile  your kernel  with these  config options  set.  Enjoy
broad-band surfing.... 

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