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Re: linux + winME

I have the same setup, Laptop with ME and wanted to
install Debian.  What I did was first do a Scan disk
then did a defrag then I went to one of the Debian
mirror sites and downloaded a copy of FIPS and folowed
the README in FIPS.  I was able to partation the drive
and not lose any data that was there, make a linux
partation and do the installation. 
  The only problem that I have had with the
installation was teh NIC card.
Hope this answers your question.
--- Matthew Garman
<garman@c1858677-a.chmpgn1.il.home.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 07:03:50AM -0700, kiran
> hiriyanna wrote:
> > i am running windows ME on my laptop.  i have a
> lot of info on it.
> > without having to back up, can i install llinux
> over w/ME and later
> > erase w/ME?
> It depends on the setup of your disk that contains
> the WinME installation.
> If you have a single partition which uses the total
> capacity of your hard
> drive, then you're going to have some difficulty.
> As a mimimum, Linux needs two partitions: one
> partition to actually hold
> the system, and one swap partition (for virtual
> memory paging).
> So if your Windows installation occupies a single
> partition on your entire
> disk, you're in a bad way since you'll need to
> repartition.  Although
> there are utilities like Parition Magic, I would
> *never* use them without
> backing up the important stuff first.
> I remember briefly reading about the UMSDOS
> filesystem a while ago.  If
> I'm not mistaken, I believe this let you install
> Linux on a DOS
> filesystem.  It might be something for you to look
> into---I never used it,
> so I don't know any of the specifics.
> Hope that helps!
> Matt
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