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Re: Mozilla is so slow! Problem with my upgrade to 2.2r3?

on Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 10:03:21PM -0400, christenpet (christenpet@snip.net) wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who helped out with this.  I tried "vmstat 5" and
> found that in the last 8 lines it reported as Mozilla was starting
> the SIs and SOs ranged from 100 to 300.  So I definitely need to get
> more memory for my machine!
> One other thing:  If I wanted to try Galeon how would I install it? 
> Download it from the Galeon website, then what would I do next???

I'd move to Debian testing (Woody) and install it from there.

Under your configuration, it's not going to be much of a benefit,
however.  My current Galeon process is claiming 115MB (on a 512 MB
system).  For your system, an older Netscape (3.0x) is likely to be a
better fit.  While memory is cheap, *old* memory is not, and you're
likely to spend quite a bit to get your system up to snuff.  You might
be able to sniff something out at a used computer shop, but old SIMMs
have a habit of being dodgy, so be ready to make some return trips or
buy tested SIMMs.

If you want to stick with a small footprint, I'd pick:

  - lynx, w3m, or links, all text-mode browsers.
  - dillo (incomplete, but small and fast)
  - BrowseX http://www.browsex.com/:  lightweight, Tcl, ssl-enabled
    browser.  Used on the LNX-BBC.

Or poke around the Freshmeat Browsers category:



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