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Re: Mozilla is so slow! Problem with my upgrade to 2.2r3?


I didn't see anyone else weigh in with quite my opinion so I 
thought I'd throw it in.

> What could be happening here?  I think I may be ready to buy a
> set of 2.2 disks because from a beginner's viewpoint it seems
> that successfully upgrading the OS to 2.2 was probably too
> much to expect.  It went very smoothly (I was very impressed
> with how easy it was!), but I did get some messages about what
> seemed to be housekeeping tasks that needed to be done as a
> result of the upgrade.  Some of them related to files that
> simply don't exist on my machine, so maybe something is
> seriously wrong.  

I would say that it went OK. maybe do some research, ask 
questions about those messages.

> Anyway, I thought I would post this question here just in case
> it's an obvious, easily fixed problem.   Otherwise, I'll just
> re-install from a new set of disks.  By the way, my computer
> is a Pentium 200 MHz, with 32 MB of RAM.  Is this too
> antiquated to run Mozilla, or perhaps Gnome or Galeon
> eventually???

Definately memory. Buy some more, it is relatively cheap 
right now. I've got a P200 with 96MB and it runs KDE and 
has all sorts of processes loaded (Zope, PosgreSQL, 
Apache, etc). Sure, it is a little slow and swaps lots 
whenever I start something big but it is perfectly useable. 
Galeon and Skipstone work great, Mozilla is slow but also 
works. With a simpler window manager, you're going to be 
much better off than I am with KDE.

Opera of course is highly reccomended but I see you've 
had bad luck with it. 


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