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compiling a kernel?


I just started with Debian, installed the compact unstable version and came to the conclusion that I had to compile a new kernel to let Debian do the things I want.

This is the firsttime I'm doing this, so I followed the steps described in the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ, and in the README file that came with the 2.2.19-kernel.

- make-kpkg clean
- make menuconfig
- make-kpkg --revision Custum.1 kernel-image

All looks to go well, the kernel and modules are build (vmlinuz appears in /usr/src/linux and in modules I see the modules that I choose).

Then the process stops.
This is the last text that I see on my screen:

     make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/usr/src/linux/debian/tmp-image
     make[2]: Entering directory '/usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.19'

Is there someone who can tell me what the reason is for this?



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