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RE: putting cdrom into sources.list


deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 r3 _Potato_ - Offical i386 Binary-1

That is the line in my sources.list but of courses yours might differ
depending on what version of Debian you have installed.  

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Alex Hunsley <lard@miezekatze.com> writes:

> Originally my surces.list file (for apt) pointed to my cd rom drive, 
> which had potato cd #1 in it. Since then I've changed sources.list to 
> get stuff from the net, but how do I add the cd drive back to 
> sources.list? I suspect it's something like file:/cdrom but I've tried

> that and no luck... (yes, I know now I could use dpkg -i directly, but

> I want to be able to use apt-cache search and apt-get for easyness.)
> thanks
> alex

man sources.list is your friend:

       cdrom  The cdrom scheme allows APT to use  a  local  CDROM
              drive  with  media  swapping.  Use the apt-cdrom(8)
              program to create cdrom entires in the source list.


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