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Java / resin on debian


Has anyone succesfully installed resin on debian.  I just switched from
red-hat to debian and am struggling to install resin on debain to deploy
servlets and jsp.

I first installed the java( debain package jdk1.1) with lot of difficulty
and figured out that it misses the class HashMap in classes.zip therefore
debian cannot run.   I tried to include this class in all possible ways
but doesn't seem to like my ways.

I then installed j2sdk1.3 from blackdown and  this started new set of
problems.  First of all the .java_wrapper is corrupt and couldn't load
libjava.so .  I fixed it then it is not able to find Java 2 rurtime
environment.  I set all possible environment variables JAVA_HOME,
CLASSPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH ran ldconfig to load the shared libraries, but
doesn't work.

Can anyone suggest a solution to get resin up on debian.  I have very
short deadline to test it or I need to try install redhat.

Any help will be appreciated,

Anoop Kumar
Academic Technology Developer
16  Dearborn Road,
Tufts University
Phone : 617-627-2708

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