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Re: OpenGL causes hard system lockups

On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 11:46:03PM -0500, Matthew Garman wrote:
> I bought a Matrox Millenium g450 over the summer.  I got it setup to do
> hardware accelerated 3d with XFree 4.x.
> The only real 3d apps I've used are the "glxgears" test program, and the
> 3d screensavers that can be built with the xscreensaver package.
> Some of these 3D screensavers will unexpectedly lock up my system---and I
> mean *completely* lock up my system, can't ctrl-alt-f[1-6] to switch to a
> text console, I can't kill X with ctrl-alt-backspace, etc.  Nothing works.

I doubt that your system is completely frozen.  More likely, it's
"just" the console.  If you have another box handy, you'll probably
be able to ssh in and do an orderly reboot that way.

Which brings me to what I've been wondering:

Once I've sshed into my G400/DRI box after the console has locked up,
is there any way to recover short of rebooting?  I suspect that it
should be OK if I can come up with a way to reset DRI or agpgart or
something, but I have yet to find any information on which something
to reset or how to do it.  (I know that the obvious solution of
killing and restarting X doesn't help...)

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