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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

At 08:58 4.10.2001, Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
>> I've been on the list, on and off, for roughly a year now and I have yet

>> to get a single bit of spam, other than the occasional one that is sent

>> to a list I am on.  None of them have been addressed directly to me.
>It wouldn't surprise me too much if the spammers filter or weight the
>addresses they see in various ways. It could be that a .edu address is
>less likely to be spammed heavily than a .com address at a
>consumer-oriented ISP. I'm just speculating, though.

Funny. As you see I have a .com address at a fairly consumer-oriented ISP.

I don't get annoying amounts of spam. 3-4 letters a year perhaps directly
addressed to me.
I wonder what the spammers really look for.

I think they look for easy targets and valids email
Bigger, more public organization with easy way to gather
valid email  addresses and spammers strike. They don't
target ISP's as such I think. Another things, to
me it looks like they would just collect from certain
contexes(like from certain usenet groups) email addresses,
and if they know the organization  to which it belongs
and it fits to certain profile, they send. Propably
somebody makes real life lists of domain holders.
Spammes just match valid email addresses to it.
That's my guess anyway.

I for example have many years posted with valid
email addresses to usenet. Still, no spam. I suspect
my domain doesn't hold intrest and/or I post to wrong
places. Makes me wonder why people use those '_invalid_'

Now I get spam, but main reason is that I gave my email
addresses to few dubious web sites with questionable
content...effect was quick and easy to anticipate:)
But most of it, seems to come from one source.

I've lost already 25 000 $ in
group lotto as I haven't clicked their adverts.
Stupid me.;)



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