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Re: directly installing a deb package

Thus spake Alex Hunsley:
> I've downloaded a .deb package from the net and want to install it. How do I
> tell apt-get that I'm giving it a direct file name rather than having it
> looking at the places in sources.list? The package is sitting in /tmp at the
> moment, and I've tried adding file:/tmp to sources.list, but still no luck - I
> think it's adding things like stable or main to the path.
> thanks
> alex

Apt-get isn't what you're looking for in this case - you want to use
its 'backend', dpkg.  just try :
dpkg -i /tmp/foo.deb
That should install it - it will report any missing dependencies as
needed.  Apt-get will know about this installed package as it runs on
top of dpkg.  For more,
man dpkg
Good luck,

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