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Re: mutt doesn't know about procmail actions

* martin f krafft (madduck@madduck.net) [011003 04:01]:
> also sprach Rory Campbell-Lange (on Wed, 03 Oct 2001 11:10:49AM +0100):
> > Should I repoint mutt to my mbox, by default? How should I do this?
> > Also, how can mutt know that there is unread mail in other folders?
> ever tries the manual?
> probably the best thing is a line like
> export MAIL=~/Mail/mbox       in .bash_profile
> or, if you are using tcsh (why???)
> setenv MAIL ~/Mail/mbox.
> then go to www.mutt.org and browse the online manual for the
> "mailboxes" configuration command.

also see "spoolfile"; this is probably what you really want. It should
be set to a reasonable default if you set the MAIL environment variable
as suggested above.

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