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Re: sudo and Debian (was ssh and Debian)

* Brian Schramm (brian.schramm@ncmail.net) [011003 06:29]:
> Hmm, even using the PASSWD: option I still don't have to enter my
> password.  I don't know why.

debian's sudo package has the password timeout set to 15 minutes. This
means that once you enter your password once, as long as you don't wait
more than 15 minutes between sudo commands, you won't have to enter it
again. The password timeout can be immediately expired with 'sudo -k'.
Was this the problem? Or did you never have to enter your password at
all? Maybe you did enter it once and then kept testing to see that it
wasn't asking for you password, but each of your tests was within 15
minutes of the last.

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