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Re: setting a tty to login to remote computer via ssh

Shriram Shrikumar wrote:

> Hi All,
> just wondering if it was possible to set one of the tty's like tty8 to login to
> another machine via ssh instead of just to the local machine.

It is possible by editing the inittab (/etc/inittab) but it will set a pb if you
need a password to set the connection, 2 solutions:

* set up the away box so as it doesn't ask for a password
* use the right command line option to hardcode the password in the inittab

the second way is *very* piggy. Your inittab is usually world readable. So every
one can read your password. Use it just in last resort, for test purposes.

I think there is a way to disable password for the server by editing a
authorizedkeys file (+ chmod 600) but I don't know more.

> thanx in advance.
> Shri

Hope this will be a first step in the right direction


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