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RE: Instalation on a laptop advise...

On 03-Oct-2001 Alexander Wallace wrote:
> Hi there! I have a lapotp I want to install debian in, it has a nic that
> needs a modifyed version of tulip.... To be able to use it I need to copy
> the modifyed version and recompile the kernel to recompile the module...
> The instalation cd I have for debian doesn't have any packages, It get's
> them from the net... Is there a way to interupt the instalation and add
> the file and recompile and then install the packages? Or do I have to
> download the full cds from debian?

best bet would be to get a friend to compile the package(s) for you.  If you
can manage to install base then you should be able to hand install enough to
get networking working for you.  The problem will be getting the needed module.

Also, there is a debian-laptop list for anyone seeking laptop specific help.

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