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Re: DHCP networking problems after upgrade to woody

I wrote:

> It's a Eicon Diva 2430.  I found this on it:
>  http://www.eicon.com/pubs/diva_2430/index.htm
> with lots of links for explanations and help.
> It says the modem has the IP and that it can be
> configured by pointing a web browser at that address.  Can't wait
> to try that tonight.
> I find it weird that the IP I got the first time, when it worked,
> was outside the block of 192.168.x.x and /etc/resolv.conf was
> properly filled out.  Now I get IP inside the block,
> and no proper /etc/resolv.conf file (it contains only the word
> "search").

I just got a reply from my provider's help desk and they say that is assigned by the modem when it can't reach the
network DHCP server.  So at least I know I'm not going insane. It
doesn't look like it's a Linux problem.


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