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Voodoo3. DRI, X4.1.0 and Bus mastering


I've been trying to get my Voodoo3 card to do DRI with X4.1.0.

The catch is that the card (a Voodoo3 2000 PCI) needs to be set as bus
master. When I try to use setpci
I find that the bit for bus master is never set.

The motherboard is a LX/EX based board, with onboard sound, ATI 3D
graphics etc.
The BIOS is AMI, and is one of those funky graphical interfaces. There
are no options to enable a PCI slot to bus master there.
There are no jumpers on the MB that I can see to set Bus Master on any
PCI slots.

I have a PCI SMC Ethernet card, and it is set as Bus Master... I never
set it so I assume the Bios did it itself.

The onboard ATI is set as bus master, and uses AGP. Could this be why
the Voodoo won't take the Bus Master bit?

Or does anyone know any resources on the web to do low level bit
twiddling in AMI bios's?
Or have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance

John P Foster

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