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Re: DHCP networking problems after upgrade to woody

I wrote:

> > I got my ADSL line last night, ran '/etc/init.d/networking start'
> > and proceeded to download 240MB in 28 minutes (!), and upgraded
> > my Progeny to woody  (I didn't change the kernel, running 2.2.18).
> > 
> > Now the ADSL network won't work anymore.
> > Running either pump or dhclient now gives me the same IP:
> > 
> > 
> > Running dhclient verbose says that I got IP from
> > :
> > 
> >  DHCPDISCOVER on lo to port 67 interval 7
> >  DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67
> >  DHCPACK from
> >  bound to -- renewal in 60 seconds.
> > 
> > This is reserved adress space for internal nets, right?.  Is my own
> > box somehow providing an IP adress that I don't want?  (I have both
> > pump and dhcp-client installed, but no server.)

Nathan E Norman wrote:

> Assuming you don't have a device with the ip address, I
> would guess that you're either getting an IP from your DSL "modem"

Maybe, see below.

> (unlikely unless you somehow changed it's config and forgot about it),

It's brand new.

> or you're getting an address from someone in the same broadcast domain
> as you (i.e. another DSL customer).

Maybe. This will be a _long_ day at work, waiting to try this at home
> Use 'arp' to see what mac address is associated with  If
> it's not one of yours, call your provider and ask them what to do if
> one of your neighbors is running a DHCP server.

Thanks Nathan.

This sounds plausible.  After my linux upgrade I booted up Windows and
never got ADSL to work on it at all.  I didn't associate the two problems
since Linux had just run successfully. Since then I ran `winipcfg' on
Windows and it also showed IP from DHCP server,
same as on Linux.  The weird it that I disconnected the phone line from the
ADSL modem, clicked on `reset', and got the same answer back!  So perhaps
the ADSL modem is storing it somehow.

Leaving everything unplugged all night didn't help this morning (I thought
perhaps something would get reset).


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