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RE: new system

Just slave the drive into your current system, copy everything over, change
stuff like hostname, ip address, and edit the stuff in /etc/fstab if
necessary. Toss the new drive into the new system, boot up via floppy, run
lilo, reboot, and there you go.


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Subject: new system

I am getting ready to build a new box and I would like to make it like
the one I am currently using. I am running Sid updated daily. Is there
a way to do a base install of potato on the new system then change
apt.sources to point to sid and is there a file I can copy from my old
system that will install all the same packages I currently have
installed so I don't have to go through the headache of remembering
everything I have installed up to this point. If there is such a file
what is it and if this is possible is there anything I need to watch
out for?


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