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SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

Hi all,

This probably isn't news to most people, but I though I'd go on the
record here with a warning:

  If you subscribe to and use Debian mailing lists, you WILL get

I know this after getting hit over the last few weeks to an e-mail
account that I *only* use for personal correspondance. I also foolishly
subscribed to this list a while ago (different e-mail account),
and now I get around 10 spams a day straight into my primary mailbox.

While there is nothing stopping a spammer manually subscribing to
the list to harvest addresses, the fact that (a) news:linux.debian.user
carries the same traffic; and (b) the list archives show addresses in the
clear both lead me to provide this advice:

  Use only a secondary, 'disposable' account for Debian lists.

I managed to stay 'clean' for nearly 9 months to my primary account, now
I'm spitting chips at the vision of my e-mail address brunt onto some
get-rich-quick-marketting-tool CD-R.  :-(


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