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Re: Debian + DSL...a success story...

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 03:50:07PM -0400, Jeffrey Michael Reed wrote:
>typically all you find is PROBLEMS on the mail list...
>well, i would like to offer some words of encouragement for 
>a change...a success story.
>using Debian and a cheap Pentium machine (as my router) and 
>my Earthlink ADSL connection, i now have a fine home-based 
>network that's easy to manage and experiment with.

I have a similiar setup.  One thing I have found very useful is the
ability to ssh in from abroad (I travel a lot).  At first I just hoped
the ADSL connection stayed up for a week or so but then I found out
about dhis.  www.dhis.org has a tiny utility that allows you t oregister
a name and whatever your IP you can ssh into the box using this name.
So I registered pkirk.net.dhis.org and now I can use IMAP to always have
the same mail settings, ssh to manage the box and I'm planning to put a
frame in my www.kirks.net pages that means I control the content which
will appear on pkirk.net.dhis.org but appear as from www.kirks.net.

apt-get dhid should do it for you but you need to register at the site.
It takes 2 days for them to send you your secure key.

With this, you get all the functionality of owning your own Internet
server using free software and hardware that would die if you tried
win2k on it ;-)


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