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Debian + DSL...a success story...

typically all you find is PROBLEMS on the mail list...

well, i would like to offer some words of encouragement for 
a change...a success story.

using Debian and a cheap Pentium machine (as my router) and 
my Earthlink ADSL connection, i now have a fine home-based 
network that's easy to manage and experiment with.

Router: pentium mmx w/128 mb ram and 2 (Linksys) NICs
Software: kernel 2.2.19 compiled with ipfilter
OS: debian 2.2r3

i use openssh on my other linux box and PuTTy on my Win98 
box to remotely connect to my 'headless' router and i use 
'ee' to edit all my config files.

now, i can use the Debian box (i aptly named him ARTOO - 
the little box that could) to mess with all sorts of 
stuff...firewalls, SAMBA, sendmail and postfix, Apache, you 
name it. and, i can share my nice fast internet connection 
by simply adding a few lines to a couple of config files. 
most of which rp-pppoe (www.roaringpenguin.com) did for me! 

once you get the hang of Debian, it's the best...IMHO.

if anyone would like to chat more about setting up a 
similar network, feel free to email me and i would be more 
than happy to help you get over some hurdles. even though 
all i've really done is lurk here, the list has helped me 
immensely over the past six months or so and it's really 
paid off.

to all on the list...DOMO...ARIGATO!




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