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Re: Partition sizes...

on Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 01:41:41PM -0500, Alexander Wallace (awallace@rwsoft-online.com) wrote:

> Hello there... I just bought a server that has 2 4gb hd... I want to
> install debian to make it a server, and probably add a 20 gb hd... My
> question is, what partition should I put in the big hd (the 20 gb) if I
> expect to host several websites and forums, I know I shouls put home
> there, but, if I want to use, let's say Postgress and I expect the dbs to
> grow, what other partititions should I put in the 20 gb hd? Also, can
> those partitions share the drive? or do i have to make a partition for
> each one?

There's a short FAQ on GNU/Linux system partitioning you may find
useful, at:


You should be able to put most of your primary system on the two 4GB
drives:  /, /tmp, /var, /usr, /usr/local.

I'd split the 20GB between /home and /var/lib/postgres if your database
gets large.


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