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Re: dynamic ip addresses

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 04:37:32AM -0400, Christy Schulte wrote:
> I sent out an earlier message about setting up ddclient, but since no one
> responded I'm assuming no one uses this particular program.
> So here's a more general question. Do any of you have dynamic ip addresses
> and have something running to assign a static hostname, so the system can be
> connected to remotely without knowing the ip address? If so, what do you use
> to do this? thanks.

I use use ddclient, it's running smoothly in combination with 
dyndns.org and zoneedit.com

greetz Ralf

Ralf Batri 
e-mail:	ralf@batri-home.de
Currently on Debian/Woody 2.2.19

PLEASE don't send me html-mails !!

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