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Re: fetchmail error

* Eduard Bloch (edi@gmx.de) wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> Bob Nielsen wrote on Mon Oct 01, 2001 um 09:28:22AM:
> > fetchmail: POP3> RETR 1
> > fetchmail: POP3< +OK 4315 octets
> > reading message 1 of 202 (4315 octets)
> Maybe problems on connecting localhost. Try "ifup lo". If it helps,
> check if there is "auto lo" line in in the interfaces file. man ifup.
> Gruss/Regards,
> Eduard.
> -- 
I do not have an "auto lo" line, but I'm not sure that the localhost going down is the problem.  I use exim as an mda, and it has no problem delivering the output of the cron jobs I run.  In fact, it complains about "unexpected disconnection while reading mail from localhost".  I have to assume that the problem is between fetchmail and the server.



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