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pppd cant' assign a remote ip and i'm desperate

Hi everyone, I really hope someone can give me the answer to 
I'm having trouble with my connection, it's a wireless one using 
pppoe (pppoe from deb). And although my provider said they 
supported linux the only help i got from them was to check my 
wires. :( 

The problem i'm having comes up when I'm negotiating the 
connection, the most important line that i found in the syslog 
is this:
endor pppd[169]: Could not determine remote IP address: defaulti
ng to

Well leaving that out the connection is kind of fine, i can ping, 
connect to ICQ servers, but the problem comes up when i try to 
do for example
In links i'd see something like this:
Recieved 0B of 2.3 kB, avg 0B/s

Same thing for ftp, I can (don't know why) ftp anywhere do a cd, 
ls but when i try to get something it just stays there.

Another important file I've just remembered of is 
ppp-connect-errors and it says this all the time:
pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Input/output error

Ok, last but not least i'd have to say that in spite of my lack 
of connection my friend (running a win) connects with no problem.
I haven't changed any config files or others, I'm running sid 
(kernel 2.4.9 but I don't think it matters because I've tried 
others). What really bothers me is that we had to set up a 
proxy on that win machine as a workaround and I get 
disconnections every now and then ( I wonder who knows why :-D  

Sorry about the long mail!
And if an answerful person decides two answer, could you please 
CC me here (I'm not subscribed to the list with this account)

Thanks In Advance!!!
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