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Re: Word-wrapping text editor

> | On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 08:43:19AM +0800, Rino Mardo wrote:
> | > i'm curious.  why is it that the textwidth has to be set to either
> | > 70 or 72 when the console can display 80?  my tw=79 how is my
> | > message appearing?

I remember IBM punch card was 80 char wide.  And last 8 column was
supposed to be used for optional line number. 

Thus 80-8=72. I think that is the reasion behind 72 char per line
custom.  This explain why not 65 nor 75.

Of course, indenting message on VT-100 like consoles like others has
mentioned is the reason why this rule survived untill now.


PS: I used to type that card. Teletype and (paper punch) tape was great
improvement over that card :-)
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