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Re: Handling with BASH variables

On Tuesday, September 25, 2001 11:24 AM, rasa@gmx.ch

>[...] there is a file "conf_kdelibs"
> the file contais that line:
> ./confugure --prefix=/opt/kde --enable-final .......
> Now i want to set for the prefix /opt/kde the $KDEDIR variable.
> This "conf_kdelibs" file is called by my compile script with the command "
> 'cat conf_kdelibs' ". Now bash is not taking the $KDEDIR varibale contents
> takes the string "$KDEDIR". How can i bring BASH to take KDEDIR as a

I think what you are saying is you want to put
a line:  ./configure --prefix=${KDEDIR} --enable-final ...
in your conf_kdelibs file and then have the main script
execute that (and other ) lines in conf_kdelines, substituting
the current value of $KDEDIR.

If that is the case, don't use "cat" for that purpose.  Instead,
source it within the context of your compile script.  For

. conf_kdelibs     # <--note the period--that's
                          #   the source operator

Hope this helps.  If you are trying to do something
completely different, ignore this.  :)

Take care,


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