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Re: About a laptop

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 09:38:31AM -0700, Lucho Debianero wrote:
| Im planning to buy a dell inspiron new 8100, anybody
| knows if there is any problem with woody specially
| with  the internal-pci modem and ethernet?

Do you have the model number?  That usually helps when researching
hardware compatibility.

| PD: any other suggestions about laptops?

I just installed woody on an Inspiron 7500 (company machine, it's a
PIII).  It went beautifully.  This machine has a 3c575-based PCMCIA
NIC.  It works with the Vortex driver (I think it is 3c59x).

As I was looking up info on the suspend-to-disk feature I found some
messages on debian-laptop, about a year old, that mentioned a company
that distributes laptops with the option of having Debian
preinstalled.  While personally I like to manage my own installation,
at least then you know the hardware works.


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