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Re: xvidtune & XFree

Harvey Kelly(kellyh@clara.co.uk) is reported to have said:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to configure X - but the problem is that I can get everything fine, except the screen is way off to the left.  I use xvidtune to alter it so it's perfect, but how do I save my changes?  Can I?  
> I've trying editing XF86Config-4 with the info from xvidtune, but when I startx I get told that the line is wrong (messages depend on whatever rubbish I've told it to try).

OK, you run xvidtune, from an xtermas/rxvt, and you get the display
like you want it.  Then click the 'show' button and the settings will
be printed to the xterm screen.  Do that for all of the different
resoltions.  Write them down!  Then transfer them to your xf86config-4

Piece of cake.

BTW, format your mail to 70-72 characters per line, please.
RAM disk is NOT an installation procedure.

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