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Re: xfonts packages broken?

Hall Stevenson(hallstevenson@mindspring.com) is reported to have said:
> * Pollywog (croak@shadypond.com) [010922 15:14]:
> > I have the following xfonts packages installed, but when I upgrade Woody
> > and these packages get upgraded, I lose fonts in my Gnome themes, the
> > Gnome panel, and in Evolution.  Instead of characters, I see tiny blocks
> > consisting of dots.
> > 
> > hi  xfonts-100dpi  4.0.3-4        100 dpi fonts for X
> > hi  xfonts-75dpi   4.0.3-4        75 dpi fonts for X
> > hi  xfonts-base    4.0.3-4        standard fonts for X
> > hi  xfonts-scalabl 4.0.3-4        scalable fonts for X
> > 
> > Is it just me?
> It's not just you... I posted the message below and got ZERO response.
> > I've just done an apt-get update & apt-get upgrade for the first time
> > in a week or two (usig woody), and I've lost the fonts ... They're
> > all replaced by strange little symbols, which I assume means the
> > characters is unavailable.
> Can the package maintainer comment on this ?? It's becoming
> far too common, isn't it ??
> What are people doing wrong (I'd argue nothing if it's
> happening simply as a result of upgrading/updating X packages)
> ??

Had that problem as well.  It went away when I commented out the 
FontPath     "unix/:7110" and FontPath     "unix/:7100" lines in the
config file, stopped xfstt, and restarted X.

Don't know wat the problem is but it is working well enough for me
now.  No more blocks instead of letters in netscape.
There are two ways to write error-free programs.  Only the third one works.

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