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Re: nimda probes

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 16:12:17 CDT, "Brooks R. Robinson" writes:
>> > the worm wouldn't even know the difference, to it it looks like it would
>> > hit microsofts site from your url if it tries those extentions.
>> Not correct, it gets a Redirect as the response, and it's its
>> responsibility to follow it, unless it's using a toolkit that does so
>> automatically.
>> Code Red, for instance, wouldn't follow redirects.
>What about port forwarding?  It'd still up the CPU usage on a machine, but
>would it have the same results?  I so much want to do this.

It´d eat *your* bandwidth twice then.

Wee-ha. Yet another stats:

I now averaqe >200 hits for (exe,eml,andthelike)/h on my server-housed 
box. I´m not paying for traffic (lucky me) nor bandwidth but...

-- Too much is just enough.
-- Mark Twain (on whiskey)

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