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Re: fbset

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 05:10:55PM -0700, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> * Steve Gran (gashuffer09@home.com) [010918 16:23]:
> > for.  However, fbset 1024x760-60 works just fine.  Am i just feeding the
                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1st clue!
If fbset works then you must not be using the vesafb driver, all you
would get is an error message with vesafb

> fb/vesafb.txt file. If you're using something else instead of vesa (like
> rivafb for an nvidia riva, or matroxfb for a matrox, etc.) see the
> appropriate file in the same place (<kernel-source>/Documentation/fb).

This is exactly what you need to do, with perhaps a visit to
/var/log/dmesg to look for the line which will tell you what driver
you are actually using. Look for something that starts with ``fb0:''


dave t.

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