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Re: Web Filter

On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 05:44:21PM -0700, Stephen A. Witt wrote:

> I've been following the 'web blocker' thread with some interest and, on a
> related note, was wondering what software is available for limiting access
> to certain web sites for specific users. I've a couple of elementary
> school age kids that are starting to become interested in the web. I think
> I need to supervise their activities in this regard for appropriate
> content but would like to experiment with some sort of filter to help out.
> I'm currently running squid on a firewall machine (Debian 'testing') at
> home behind which we have a few other machines. I've just learned about
> squidguard, and will probably check it out, but I was wondering about
> other software that some of you might recommend.

I have no experience with dansguardian but it appears to offer what you
require.  It claims to filter on page content and can be used in
conjunction with squidguard.  It is actively maintained but there is no
Debian package.

Searching freshmeat.net for `web filter' might point you towards other


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