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Re: \222 in Mutt email

* Christopher S. Swingley (cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu) wrote:
> Mike,
> I don't even know where I got it.  I normally keep my .bashrc
> really well commented so I can figure out what's going on later
> (and to provide some direction to my users when I copy my .bashrc to
> theirs), but my comments aren't helpful here.  I originally suspected
> it had something to do with editing C files with vim, but I'm less
> certain now.
> Someone else commented that \222 isn't legal anyway, so perhaps my
> mutt is actually displaying things as they should be.

Well; that's the crux of it, there.  Nobody has clarified this for me,
so I have no idea.  The guy using the handle dman suggested using less
as the mutt pager, but I'd have to redo a lot of my .muttrc file.  erk.
Other than the umlauts, etc. getting hosed, things are working in a
very nice sort of way.  Don't fsck with it if it ain't broke seems to
be what the little voices in my head are telling me.

Or wait; is that make a hat out of tinfoil to block the contrary radio
transmissions from Venus?  ;)  (sorry, my twisted mind gets away on me

Mike Pfleger

There's seventy brilliant people on earth.
Where are they hiding?
"Yashar" -Cabaret Voltaire (off of "2x45")

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