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Re: multiple monitors, i810 & ???

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 11:40:07PM +0200, Emil Pedersen wrote:
> Adam McDaniel wrote:
> > 
> > My personal experience in having a dual-headed system is that you must mix
> > the types. IE, One AGP and one PCI, or one PCI and one MDA, etc... When you
>                                                          ^^^
> What type is the MDA?

Heh, MDA has been described in the kernel source as 'pre-dinosaur hardware'. 
Its basically a monochrome text-only 9-pin display output. In kernels 2.0 it
played with other video cards happily, but since 2.4 its gone a little
wonky. I'm still trying to figure out where in the source the issue is.

> Since I don't have any agp slot, it has to be a pci card.
i think you're going to be stuck with one video card then.

> What type (pci or agp) does the integrated graphic chip fits in?  Could
> you tell this from "lspci" (I'm not sitting at the machine in question)?
Actually, yes you can, if you run 'lspci' with no options, each item
connected to the machine will produce a type of 'address' .. typically like
00:00.0 format. An item that starts with 00 is PCI, if it starts with 01
is AGP.

> In the extreme case, would it be possibly to use a serial console to set
> everything up and get it to boot althoug it might not know what card to
> use, or do you think the bios will refuse any operation at all?
I remember a while ago reading some article about a company creating a
PCI style video card but with a 9 pin RS-232 serial output on the other
side. Neat idea to create a headless machine... Basically you could monitor
everything including the bios via a serial port.

Adam McDaniel
Infrastructure Technology Consultant
M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc.

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