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Re: Web banner blocker

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 09:10:57AM +0200, Michal Parienti wrote:

> Junkbuster works great, except it doesn't support version 1.1 of
> the HTTP protocol.
> If we could find the same features, with the support of HTTP 1.1,
> in GPL, it would be perfect...

The FAQ for wwwoffle says that it has the ability `to control access to
WWWOFFLE using the HTTP/1.1 Proxy Authentication method' so this might
tempt you to investigate whether it suits your system.  Being a Debian
package and free software are also added incentives.

Comparing the configuration file for junkbuster with wwwoffle.conf there
seems little signifcant difference between the functionality of both
programs when used to block adverts.  Both use a block file, can hide
blocked images, manage cookies, control acces to the proxy server and
allow some of the headers sent to be altered.  One of the differences is
that junkbuster can send `wafers' but I am not sure this is a feature of
great importance.

So maybe perfection is within your grasp!


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