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Re: dhcp-dns problem


   I believe I answered my own questions.

   For future reference, I was using an alias for the NS name in my database
records.  nsupdate barfs when it encounters this and won't do the update.  I was
getting "res_nupdate: res_findzonecut failed (0)" error on stderr  when I ran
nsupdate by hand.   This didn't show up in any logs anywhere...this is why my
confusion, I couldn't find any errors that pointed anywhere until now.

   It would be nice to have some sort of logging facility built into the perl
scripts that run the nsupdate.  If  there is one already there, then it would be
nice to put it in the docs or README file.

Thanks for all the help, and I hope this sheds some light for other readers of
this list,

Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 08:47:10PM -0700, Dean A. Roman wrote:
> > Will turning this "feature??" off in Win2K allow the dhcp-dns scripts
> > in linux to update bind?
> no, it's unrelated. it'll just stop the w2k clients from attempting to
> update the dns server.
> > How do I fix the problem of dhcp-dns not updating bind?
> no idea. the log extracts you sent didn't show any problem...they only
> showed your w2k client being denied access.
> > Is it related to the win2K "feature??"
> completely unrelated.
> craig
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