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Re: GUI in Debian 2.2r3

>Hi guys,
>I recently installed Debian on my computer.  The
>problem is I can't seem to get the GUI to show up.  
>I'm not even sure if I chose to install the GUI or
>If I didn't install the GUI, is there a way to install
>it without reinstalling the entire OS?  
>If the GUI is installed, how do I get it to show up?

So you don't even know if you installed any GUI?
What? You installed Debian in your sleep? ;o)

Well if you don't get any GUI I assume your startup puts you 
at a terminal login prompt.
Login with the user you made when you installed (you do 
remember if you made an ordinary user during install I hope).

Then startx.

If nothing happens you may need to install a GUI (also called 

Have your Debian CDs ready
Become root

Now select either the core X, or the complete X. Both will get 
you 'a GUI'. Complete X will install pretty much all the GUI 
stuff on the CDs, and that's a lot as far as I know. Be sure 
you need it all.

If you want more than that return here and be more specific 
about what you want.

Best regards
Johnny :o)

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