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Re: dhcp-dns problem

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 08:17:04AM -0700, Dean A. Roman wrote:
> Craig,
>   I'm a bit confused, and it is probably because I don't totally understand how the dynamic dns updates work.
> is the windows machine that checked out the IP address from the dhcp
> server(srfs1-
> Should update requests be coming from a dhcp client?

Yes.  Who else would they come from.

> How is the windows 2k dhcp client requesting a dns update?

It's using the update protocol as designed.  I believe this is
> Does this mean that I need to put the entire subnet range that I allow for dhcp checkout( in
> the acl?

Uh, yeah.

> I thought that I only had to list the dhcp server( in the allow-update field?

Only if the dhcp server is expected to get an address from itself, and
then alter the zone information.

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