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lilo and text modes

Hi, a problem with lilo has been plaguing me for a while and
I'm wondering if anyone else here has any experience with it.

I've compiled in 'Video Mode Selection Support' into my 2.4.9
kernel and everything is alright. Under my lilo.conf file i
have it set to vga=ask. Upon boot up, I am presented with a
list of possible video modes, with the option to 'scan' for

When i do scan, I find one which I would like to make permanent,
130x44 0x0133. The problem is that if i set lilo reflect
vga=0133 and reboot, it fails saying that mode is inactive.

Apparently only the video modes presented on the default list
are treated as valid 'boot-up' modes in lilo.

Is there any way for lilo to force a 'scan' and to make it
use this 130x44 mode, or am I sort of suck using one of the
defaults if i want an automated bootup?

Thx in advance :)

Adam McDaniel
Infrastructure Technology Consultant
M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc.

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