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Unidentified subject!

Dear Debian support,
I have subscribed with mail address "jgrigg@bigfoot.com" 
(but the return address for this email is also valid)

I'm installing release 2.2 r2
and I'm having trouble getting my mouse to work in the X windows system. 
It is a microsoft mouse, connected to the COM1 serial port. I have editted the "/etc/X11/XF86Config" file with the "microsoft" protocol , and port "/dev/ttys0".
when I run startx it goes through the startup (svga16) the screen blanks, and then it halts with a message similar to "mouse error:could not open mouse (input/ouput)".
I have searched for detailed documentation, but cannot find any specifics.

I have had no mouse problems with more automatic dists such as mandrake and redhat, but I would like to get Debian up and running instead.

your support would be much appreciated

p.s (im new to linux)       
                        *Jack Grigg*

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