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Re: Quoting styles, cont (Was Re: Fonts in GTK)

* Craig Dickson (crdic@yahoo.com) [010905 23:53]:
> Microsoft's mail clients, on the other hand, give you something like
> this:
> ___cut_here___
> --- Original message --- From: John Galt
> Elm predates any microsoft email product... Try to quote stuff in elm,
> the cursor goes to the beginning of the text. ___cut_here___
> Note that they provide no left-margin quote marks, nor any indication
> of where the original message ends, and they leave a blank line or two
> at the top, implying that your reply should go there (otherwise, why
> put it there?).

That's a configurable setting in Outlook Express. I use it every day...
I believe it's also configurable in regular Outlook. I'll check it

The problem is that it's not the default. Hell, the default is to use
HTML vs plain-text.


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