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Re: Problems with APM after recompiling of kernel.

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 11:41:07AM +0800, Calvin Chong wrote:
> I suggest NO APM for SMP machines...

Yes, I know it was the case and HOWTO said so at one point in history.
Is this still true?

Enabling APM in BIOS surly crashed kernel but enabling APM on recent
kernel shall not be real issue with my previous low stress experience

Actually, apm.c kernel source indicates that power-off feature of APM
was enabled from Jan 1999 and updated with some major change in early
2000.  Current version is dated Nov. 2000.  There it states APM
power-off feature/hack was enabled by popular demand.

"apm=power-off" is meant only for SMP machine according to the source.

Most APM function is disabled in SMP machine anyway.

I realize that old 2.2 stock kernel had apm compiled in but new 2.4
kernel comes with apm as module.  I tried insmod of apm but it was not
allowed in SMP machine.  Maybe apm needs to be compiled in for power-off
to work.


> > Does the use of intrd affects power-off feature of apm BIOS?
> >
> > I have append="apm=on apm=power-off" set in lilo.conf
> >
> > Intrigued????

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