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Re: Looking for a wireless ethernet solution...

Francois Gouget wrote:
>    The access point does not need a pcmcia card.

I thought that some of them used stock wireless cards, like origico
cards. This may be well hidden, some people speak of opening the access
point to get at the card. But I have never actually seen an access
point, just associated with them remotely. :-)

>    But the prices I have seen are a bit higher: usually around $250 for
> the access point and $150 for each pcmcia card. This raises the total
> cost to $625.

You can get cards for $65 these days -- try www.lanstreet.com for
example, I bought an Avaya silver from them last week. Prices are

The cheapest access point I've heard of is from Linksys and runs
something like $150. I don't know if that includes a wireless card.

>    I'm also thinking about getting a wireless setup and this has kind of
> blocked me for now. But there may be an alternative. The traffic between
> the dsl and the linux box is likely to be PPP: PPPoE. And some access
> points can even speak PPP on their wired side. So the idea is to
> basically connect everything to the hub.

Connecting a DSL connection to a hub works fine, if PPPOE is not
involved. I've done it. The only downsides are extra network
congestion, and the inability to use the linux box as a firewall. I have
no idea about the PPP stuff, and it's news to me that any AP's do PPPOE.

>  * can an ethernet hub relay PPP traffic?

Tunneled over ssh, certianly. Or maybe PPPOE, I dunno.

see shy jo

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