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Re: RedHat vs Debian?

#include <hallo.h>
Robert L. Harris wrote on Thu Aug 30, 2001 um 09:33:21AM:

>   I'm looking for a study/comparison of RedHat vs Debian.  We have a number
> of boxes, some production, which run everything from RedHat 6.0 and newer.
> I'd like to look at converting to Debian stable but need to justify my case

If you don't exactly know, what Debian is, what the goals and the
advantages are, why are going to convert _production_ system to another
distribution? Don't misunderstand me, in my opinion Debian is great and
it is the best distribution for production systems, but every system is
as good as its administrator. If you know only how to administrate
RedHat and did not try Debian (on a testing system) before, don't change
anything on production systems, otherwise you will probably end up in a

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